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Nikki Kincaid

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Before You Croak

a free short story
by Nikki Kincaid

When an old friend comes to private investigator Eve Thorton with a story about some sapphires and a $25k reward for their return, Eve agrees to take the case.


But when she starts looking and finds a dead body instead, it's clear that she isn’t the only one searching for the sapphires…

and the search is deadly.

My Books

This Side of Desperation

Sarah Malone Mystery #1

Left for Ruin

Sarah Malone Mystery #2

The Things We Keep


Fortune's Flame

My Story

I like to write stories about characters whose lives haven't gone as planned, who tend to walk the fine line between right and wrong. Maybe that's why, when asked about myself, I say, "I'm a happy person with a heavy soul" -- a line I  stole from a social media post somewhere.


If you're like me and enjoy a good mystery with a touch of humor, check out my books, or sign up to receive a FREE short story, "Before You Croak." 

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