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This Side of Desperation

A missing child. A one-armed detective failing at life. A government-sponsored application to conceive a child. What could go wrong?

Disgraced ex-cop, Sarah Malone, will do anything to find a missing child. But as she digs into the case, she realizes that sometimes the truth is far more complicated than she could ever imagine. in this world where fertility rates have plummeted and human trafficking has soared Will finding the missing child be the key to making up for her past or will it add one more item to her ever-growing list of mistakes?

Left For Ruin.png

Left for Ruin

When disgraced ex-cop Sarah Malone joined private investigator Charlie Ekhorn three years ago, she took a vow to help those in need, no matter the cost. Now Charlie is dead and Sarah is left picking up the pieces of her shattered life. 


The PI business they built, while never booming, is surviving, and better yet, Sarah has a new man in her life. So when Charlie’s estranged sister comes to her for help, Sarah can’t help but say yes. After all, she owes everything to Charlie. 


But Charlie’s sister holds a secret. A secret that will threaten the very thing Sarah loves most in this world.

Things we Keep.jpg

The Things We Keep

Fear. Love. Secrets. The things we keep can be dangerous. 


The first thing Mady Graves finds when she returns home after eight years away is her police officer father, shot dead in his own backyard. 


​While Mady searches for the killer, she finds herself falling for her old flame, a married man. Together they have to face the secrets they share as well as their own burgeoning feelings for one another. ​


​As if that weren’t enough, Mady soon becomes the murderer’s next target, leading her to suspect that the biggest secret of all is the one no one wants unearthed...

Least of all, Mady.



In this small town, Sadie Sauer finds more than just a dead body...

A day after arriving in Carey, Montana, looking for a fresh start, eighteen-year-old Sadie Saur finds the body of a missing girl. 

While struggling to fit in, crushing on the cute ranch hand, and deflecting insults from a manipulative coworker, Sadie becomes obsessed with finding the girl's killer. 

What she uncovers instead will tear the town apart and reveal its darkest secrets.

Fortunes Flame.jpg

Fortune's Flame

He killed her family. Now she’s determined to destroy him. 

It’s 1865 and the railroad is quickly uniting the once-divided United States. For Clara Dorsey and the town her grandfather founded, it might just be the lifeblood the ailing town has been looking for. 

But there’s a problem.

After 5 years on the run, the man who killed her father and sister returns, threatening to once again destroy everything Clara holds dear. 

no-holds-barred tale of the wild west.

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