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Hey there! Kendra here. 


I'm a day-jobber with a not-so-secret desire to be a full time author. I live a rather nomadic lifestyle of dogsitting and traveling, but I call Montana home.


I like to be outside when it's warm and inside when it's cold.


I’ll spend hours talking, reading, and learning about writing, but hand me a math book and my brain flips you the peace sign and heads for the door. ✌️💨


I love stories that leave you glowing but edgy -  relieved to have survived but yearning for more.


Books whose worlds you don't want to say goodbye to and characters who buzz around your head long after the book is done.


If you like these types of stories too, you might be interested in my FREE short story: The Last Seance.

You can get it by clicking the giant button below. 

Last Seance book cover.jpg
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