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Crispies Potato Chips Landing Page

Client: This is a landing page for a contest for a fictional company, Crispies Potato Chips. 

Challenge: Crispies wanted a landing page where students could enter a contest to win a supply of cheddar chips that will last them through their college years. The contest was designed to collect email addresses from Crispies key demographic so they can send them coupons and promotions, as well as keep the Crispies brand top of mind. 

Solution: The copy appeals to the target audience, university students. In keeping with the fun, cheeky tone of the brand, I used phrases like "Take it cheesy" and "Keep you crunching while you cram". Alliteration, along with the name of the contest ("Crunch the books"), brings to mind the sound the chips make when you take a bite. 

Crispies Landing page
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