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  • Kendra Lisum

One Extra Sale a Day: Here's How to Get It

What difference would one extra sale a day mean for your business?

If you're selling a high-end service, courses, or coaching sessions, one extra sale a day could transform your business.

But how do you get that one extra sale?

All you have to do is change the words on the screen.

Anyone who has a service to sell knows the inevitable pain of sitting down to write a sales page.

Let's take a moment to reflect on the agony that is a sales page:

  • Long! Why are they so long?!

  • I have to talk about myself?! I have nothing unique or brilliant to say!

  • How do I convince someone to buy without sounding like an infomercial?

Sales pages have to accomplish All the Things. They have to tell your story, be uniquely you, and are quite possibly the one place that has all the information your company wants to convey to get someone to make a purchase.

It's no wonder so many sales pages fail to live up to their promise: it's freaking hard.

Ok, so what do you do?

Hire a copywriter!

But let me tell you why a copywriter can be invaluable when it comes to your sales page.

Words are our superpower.

Copywriters know the right words to engage, inspire, and persuade. We know how to paint a picture for your customer to illustrate how your service will change their lives.

We can help with that sneaky inferiority complex.

You know what I'm talking about: that voice in your head that tells you that you're not good enough, that no one will buy your service, that you're fooling yourself to think you can actually sell/convince/market/solve problems. Having a copywriter on your side can help you overcome that. We're trained to see what's so wonderfully unique about every business and we can speak to it in everything we write for you.

We can help see your customer's objections.

A good sales page must overcome objections. Just like copywriters can see the benefits of your service, we can also help identify the pain points and use the right words to overcome these objections, one-by-one.

But what if the sales page doesn't sound like me?

Copywriters are trained to write in a brand's voice: friendly, business-like, cool, chummy, sassy, promotional, eccentric like Aunt Bea - you name it! Over the course of working with you, we'll learn your brand voice and utilize it so you can be sure whatever we write will sound like you.

What if I can't afford a copywriter?

Some copywriters offer a free assessment. I do. Just put in your details here and together we'll take a look at what you've got -- free of charge . I'll tell you 1) what your sales page has going for it, and 2) where it can improve.

Sales pages have a big job to do. Why not get some help along the way?

After all, the right words can mean the difference between $3,000 a month and $12,000 a month.

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