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  • Kendra Lisum

No, Email is Not Dead

We're all addicted to email.

You can insist that you're not, but when was the last time you went 24 hours without checking your mail?

(And, no, that time you were backpacking in Glacier doesn't count because and even though you brought your phone for emergencies and you thought your external, solar charger would work because all the reviews said it would, but then you got out there and within a day, the darn thing was dead).

Maybe you've taken notifications off your phone. And maybe you've removed that little red notification thingy that taunts you with your 1,445,335 unread messages.

Even after all that - you still check it compulsively.

You check it in bed, you check it during awkward silences at meetings, you check it on the 🚽.

(38.7% of people do this last one (fact)

But what about social media?

Social media can be one way to attract customers, there's no denying that. But what about those pesky algorithms? We've all been there: we post something innovative, hilarious, chalk full of value...only to be met with crickets. Organic reach on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter have changed, and not in your favor. They're businesses, after all, and asking you to boost your post via ads is the way they make money.

This is all to say that incorporating email into your marketing strategy is a smart move.

A 2020 report shows that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you can earn $42 dollars in return. That's an average 4200% return!

If you're still not convinced, think of it this way:

  • email is where they ask to hear from you. They're clearly already interested and it's not because they've had an ad thrust into their feed. Instead, they took the time to enter their information into your form and asked to be sent stuff from you!

  • Email is distraction free. When they open an email from you, there's nothing competing for their attention in that window. No new post from someone else, no new comment just begging to be read, no dots of someone typing. It's just you and them, best friends forever.

Social media is like a nightclub. The music is bomping (bomping?? I'm showing my age..), lights are flashing, Janey over there is stripping because someone made the mistake of buying her whiskey. There's so much to look at, so may distractions, and so many opportunities to wander off.

Email, on the other hand, is more like having a coffee date among friends. There's soft jazz on the speakers, the warm comforting smells of coffee embrace you like a soft blanket - the entire experience is more intimate, comforting, and special.

And email is easy! You can set up an autoresponder so that each and every person gets the royal treatment from you right from the start. You can reuse your best content in your welcome sequence (because you have one of those, right?), it can be short (no one's ever unsubscribed bc an email was too short), it can be fun, and most importantly, you can be you!

Fun fact: a dose of personality goes a long way in marketing.

But email isn't all roses and buttercups.

Fact is, we get a lot of emails and most of those emails never get read (remember that 1,445,335 unread messages from earlier).

Why is that? Because most email is cookie cutter, boring, salesy. It's white noise and the nature of white noise is to ignore it.

But yours doesn't have to be one of those.

Instead, remember that a good email always:

  • has a great subject line

  • offers value

  • feels like a note from a friend

  • has a strong call to action

With a little thought and strategy, your emails don't have to fall prey to the junk bin. And a good copywriter can help! (you didn't think you'd get outta here without a pitch, did ya? *wink*)

If you need help writing good emails, contact me today. Our first meet-up is always free.

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