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  • Kendra Lisum

How to Package your Business for Maximum Results

The Secret Salesman of Your Business

Your homepage is like a secret salesman working for you 24/hours a day. He's a stealthy son of a gun, converting customers while you're off building your empire...or even sleeping.

But what is your secret salesman telling those prospects ?

Is he telling them precisely what you have to offer? Is his message clear and concise? Because after all, he only has 15 seconds to capture the attention of the Browsing Bonnies.

Is he differentiating your business from your competitors?

What your secret salesman tells your customers is your message. The Big Idea that you use to package your work and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

The Big Idea is the backbone of your business.

It's what elevates you above the competition and should be the theme that runs through everything from your copy to your lead magnets to product descriptions. It's the thing that gets people to instantly "get it."

Without this Big Idea, you run the risk of disappearing into the crowd.

Take for example psychologist Brené Brown. Her Big Idea is the Power of Vulnerability. Her business is built around this message -- her copy, her talks, her products are all built around the theme that vulnerability is power.

Patagonia has one Big Idea too: "Function, fit and style with a conscience." Their webpage, messaging, and even their product descriptions fall back on this over and over again.

Locally, look at Bonfire Brands. Their Big Idea is authenticity , empowering their clients to "act the way they want to feel, and attract their ideal community."

Their homepages have solid, compelling messages that immediately weed out those who don't align with and believe in what they do.

Your Secret Salesman must instantly convey your Big Idea to casual browsers.

This doesn't mean you have to be an innovative genius who has invented a whole new way of growing food, it just means you package your message in a way that reaches the people who want to hear it, who value it, and who want to be a part of it.

Need help figuring out your Big Idea or the best way to say it? A good copywriter can help! Contact me today - our first meet-up is always free.

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