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  • Kendra Lisum

Good Content Walks into the Room...

What would you give to be That Woman (or Man) who strolls into a room, absolutely brimming with confidence, with laughter dancing in your eyes and a smile on your lips?

How would you like to be That Person who steps up to the podium and begins to talk, your words so honest, true, and engaging that your listeners can't help but nod along in silent rapture, falling into every word you say like it's pulled right from their subconscious: Yes! Yes, that's right. That's exactly how I feel!

How would you like to be the person who, after the speech, has a line of eager fans just waiting for a chance to talk with you? To pick your brain? To buy your products?

Good content is That Person.

Good content:

1. Catches your eye

A great, attention-grabbing headline stands out like a taffeta gown among kakis -- not awkward but...enticing. Seducing your customers to look, calling them to read on.

2. Understands you

Good content knows its target audience. Every word is lovingly crafted to speak directly to those it's trying to reach. Not Grandpa Sam, or Neighbor Jill -- but only your customers.

3. Makes you feel something

Good content makes your customers feel like you understand them -- you've been there, you can relate. And that's incredibly appealing. When we realize we're not alone on this crazy rollercoaster of life, we tend to relax and when we relax we trust.

4. Is 100% authentic

Good content speaks from the heart. It doesn't try to hide behind corporate speak, it wants to stand out from the crowd! It shows your customers that there's a living, breathing, unique person behind the words. And authenticity builds trust.

So how do you write good content?

  • Wear the gown

  • Know your audience

  • Reach for emotion

  • Be yourself

By writing content that's intriguing, that speaks to the right people and makes them feel something, you will become That Person.

Need some help writing good content? Contact me today!

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