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  • Kendra Lisum

Copywriting vs. Copyright

Sometimes when I tell people I'm a copywriter they think I'm saying "copyrighter," as in someone who establishes in that magical seal that protects a person's intellectual property from being stolen by someone else.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is the act of writing copy, or all the text in an advertisement.

In short, copy is the text that sells your product.

Copy encompasses so much more than ads, however. It can be the text of your:

  • sales page

  • social media captions

  • banner ads or pop-ups

  • emails

  • website

  • homepage

  • about page

  • services

  • lead magnet

  • product descriptions

  • and so much more!

If you're on this page, chances are you know what a copywriter is, but for those who don't, I wanted to offer a brief explanation.

I can do your copy right but I can't do your copyright.

(does that work?! poor joke? Ok ok. I'm trying!)

If you'd like some help with your copy, contact me today!

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