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  • Kendra Lisum

Why Every Business Needs an "About" Page

Yes, people read them!

You've just arrived in a new city. You're ready for new experiences, new foods, and a whole new level of "lost." You hear about a party that's happening for up-and-comers and you think "I'm one of those! I should go!" Dressed in your best, you arrive at the shindig ready to collect friends like a ship collects barnacles. You march up to the first person you see.

"Hi, I'm [insert your lovely name here]. What do you do?"

"I've been bringing collective solutions to the corporate industrial jargon for over twenty years."

"Oh," you say, suddenly questioning every decision you've ever made, " do you do that?"

"Through exceptional customer service and a combined 35 years of experience. Here's a quick tour of the last twenty years of my business, starting with when we first opened, going through our three CEOs, and ending with..."

"That's great," you mumble, feeling your mojo slip into a waking coma.

This is what it's like when a prospect visits your About page and finds it....wanting.

Optimize your About page

About pages are a friendly greeting to your prospects. They welcome them warmly, tell them a little about yourself, a lot about your values, and seek a connection by sharing how you are uniquely qualified to help.

A 2015 study showed that 52% of people visit About pages when they first land on a website.

They're looking for a feeling of camaraderie and maybe even a laugh. They don't care as much about how long you've been in business -- unless you can demonstrate why that matters. They don't care as much about a timeline of facts -- unless you can demonstrate how those facts help them.

About pages show that real, living, breathing human beings with values, passions, and, of course, brilliant solutions are behind this business.

When you meet someone new and they're immediately warm, authentic, and funny, you're drawn to them because you feel a connection. You lower your defenses and you begin to trust them. Soon, you both find yourselves investing in the relationship. This is what an optimized About page can do for your business.

To recap, an optimized About page can:

  • break down barriers

  • offer solutions

  • welcome a new friend into the fold.

Need some help with your About page? Contact me today - our first meet-up is always free!

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