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  • Kendra Lisum

5 Ways the Right Words can Grow your Business

You wouldn't show up to a board meeting in your pajamas (unless it's covid, then you can...but only the bottom half). Therefore, it stands to reason that your words shouldn't show up in their proverbial pajamas either. They have several jobs to do, and a good copywriter can help make sure the words that represent your company are doing their job.

Here are 5 benefits of good writing:

1. The right words can build your image

The words you use are a direct reflection of your company. Every word associated with your business should convey the quality and professionalism of your work.

That means having well-written copy in your marketing materials is non-negotiable.

Specifically, well-written copy can:

  • make your name and message stand out from the clutter

  • differentiate your business from the competition

  • establish credibility as an authority

  • clarify the benefits of buying your product or utilizing your service

  • help you establish rapport with your prospects

  • improve conversion rates

  • increase customer loyalty - when they understand you and connect with you, they return

2. The wrong words can damage your image

Just like well-written copy can grow your business, poorly-written copy can have a negative effective on your bottom line. It can:

  • damage your image by making you look unprofessional

  • fail to get you noticed at all

  • hamper your efforts to attract and retain customers

  • result in lost sales

Good copy is invisible. As readers scan your message, they shouldn't be tripped up by clunky phrasing or poor grammar. You want them focused on the message not the sentence structure.

3. The right words persuade and convince

Ok so you've got your words dressed professionally and ready for that board meeting-- now it's time they go to work! Good copy is like a secret salesperson acting on your behalf. Their job is to persuade the reader to buy your product or service.

A good copywriter can pick the right words for the job. The right words often involve showcasing the value of your products and services to a specific audience. A good copywriter knows how to choose words that carry a shadow of suggestion and a pull of emotion in order to get your prospects to take the right next step.

4. The right words create a bond with your customer

We all know the charming salesperson who talks to us like an old friend, ensnares us with their words, and leads us into a world where we can imagine driving that luxury car or chopping vegetables with that Miracle Blade World Class Deluxe Knife Set.

We know we're being sold to and we don't care because we're enjoying the heck out of it.

Quality copy is a lot like that. It's one ingredient in creating a bond with your customer --first by grabbing attention through quality copy, then seeking a connection and building trust, and later through branded messages and entertaining content that keeps them coming back for more.

5. The right words create value-driven content

In this world of over-stimulation and distraction, every single piece of content you generate -- from social media and blog posts to simple banner ads -- must provide some sort of value to your customers. Prospects won't give your copy a second look if it doesn't offer them anything of value. A good copywriter knows this and will write copy that provides value while promoting your brand, product, and services.

Bonus tip:

When you create copy, are you thinking about all the of ways that it can be used?

A good copywriter can ensure copy is versatile. If your copywriter is creating a blog post for you, ask them if they can put together a few descriptions or posts that can be used on social media. This will allow you to share the content in more ways, reaching more people.

Want help finding the right words to grow your business? Get in touch today!

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